Interleaving Powder - AC SEPRAOL G5A 50KG

Interleaving Powder - AC SEPRAOL G5A 50KG

  • R 15,900.19 incl.VAT

During the transport of float glass, adhesive forces and chemical reactions can cause the panes to stick together so strongly that they cannot be separated again later on. Furthermore, transportation or storage creates a risk of glass surface corrosion. Chemetall´s innovative interleavant powders can effectively counter adhesion or scratching of panes as well as surface corrosion.

  • AC Separol G5A is an interleaving powder based on polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and adipic acid (50 % percent by weight). The used basic polymer has a medium particle size of ca. 120 μm. AC Separol G5A is used as interleaving for transport and storage of flat glass, if a high protection against glass corrosion is required. Typical application is the online use in float glass plants. The recommended application rate is 200 - 400 mg/m2.

  • Bulk Density: 620 - 760 g/l DGF H-II 1b

    Particle size > 305 μm: max 5 % Laser Particle Analysis

    Meduim particle size: 85 - 120 μm Laser Particle Analysis

    Acid value: 350 - 420 mg DGF C-V 2

    Temperature resistance: passed AC MV26 (80 °C, 60 min)

  • When handling the product the use of safety gloves and a dust mask is recommended. For further safety advice please see our Material Safety Data Sheet. Stored in well-closed containers at temperatures between 5 to 40 °C AC Separol G5A has a shelf life of minimum 1 year.

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