McDoor Patio Doors - 4 Panes (OXXO)

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  • R 7,012.81 incl.VAT

*Both width and height of the unit is 10mm smaller than sizes shown

  • Aluminium Patio doors are affordable aluminium sliding doors designed to maximise your light and views without sacrificing anything. Light, yet strong, they slide on high quality nylon rollers proving a smooth gliding- slider.

    Aluminium sliding doors also create the illusion of a bigger area, due to the excess light and the open feel of it. They also provide a nice all-year-round view of the landscapes on the outside, but more importantly, you can watch your children play outside, as well as be included in parties outside on the patio.

  • Tough, durable, sliding door requiring minimum maintenance

    Fully weather resistance with easy sliding action for South Africa Conditions

    For use in residential and architectural projects

    Aluminium extrusions anodized to coastal specifications of 25 microns

    Sliding Door are glazed with Toughened Safety Glass complying to national & international standards as well as N Part glazing regulations

    Sliding Door leaves are completely reversible

    Sliding Door stainless steel rollers ensure a smooth gliding action and are made of Durable long lasting materials

    Design of the Sliding Door accommodates wool pile to ensure the door is draught resistant, the threshold & high rise interlock meet the highest 1/175 regulations

    The Sliding Door can be coupled with a sidelight to allow for ventilation whilst the door is closed

    A Cylinder Lock and Night Latch can be fitted as an additional extra

    Fitting instructions are provided in the hardware pack

  • OX- One Panel opens and one panel is fixed

    Panels are represented as OX, OXXO and various other configurations

    O represents the Fix panel and the X represents the sliding panel

    OXXO indicated a fix panel / sliding panel/ fixed panel

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