McDoor PLUS Patio Doors - 2 Panes (OX)

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  • R 13,872.26 incl.VAT

*Both width and height of the unit is 10mm smaller than sizes shown

  • The McDoor Plus door is a heavy duty sliding door. The  sliding door meets the specifications required for higher wind & deflection needs. The door is available in 2 pane, 3 pane, 4 pane & 6 pane configurations. Window inserts may also be used in the last panel to substitute a sidelight if insufficient space is a factor.

    Aluminium sliding doors also create the illusion of a bigger area, due to the excess light and the open feel of it. They also provide a nice all-year-round view of the landscapes on the outside, but more importantly, you can watch your children play outside, as well as be included in parties outside on the patio.

  • Tough, durable, sliding door requiring minimum maintenance

    Fully weather resistance with easy sliding action for South Africa Conditions

    Sliding Door are glazed with Toughened Safety Glass complying to national & international standards as well as N Part glazing regulations

    The Sliding Door can be coupled with a sidelight to allow for ventilation whilst the door is closed.

    Available in these colours


    OX- One Panel opens and one panel is fixed

    Panels are represented as OX, OXXO and various other configurations

    O represents the Fix panel and the X represents the sliding panel

    OXXO indicated a fix panel / sliding panel/ fixed panel

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