Veribor® Suction Lifters, 1-Cup 30kg, Aluminum

Veribor® Suction Lifters, 1-Cup 30kg, Aluminum

  • R 470.00 incl.VAT
  • Save R 50

  • Suction lifter with folding lever for lifting different loads. This 1-cup suction lifter with bow handle enables one-handed operation and thus quick, efficient work. The suction lifter can be equipped with an additional, optional sealing lip which lends itself for slightly curved or textured surfaces. In addition, spare rubber pads are also available if required, supplied together with lever, spring, bolt and washer.

  • Suction Pad 120mm

    Load Capacity - 30KG

    Number of Suction Pads - 1

    Suitable for Glass / Plastic/ Metal / Coated Wood and Marble/Stoneware

    Vertical lifting direction

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