Veribor® 3-Cup Suction Lifter plastic

Veribor® 3-Cup Suction Lifter plastic

  • R 720.00 incl.VAT

Our lever-activated suction lifter success model made of sturdy plastic is now available for the fi rst time with three suction cups and thus an even higher carrying capacity! This suction lifter combines the advantages of different models: high carrying capacity, a resilient and at the same time lightweight material and outstanding ergonomics. The black coating of the handle enables a safe, non-slip gripping area and therefore convenient working under all circumstances. This device is suitable for use on all materials with fl at, gastight surfaces.

  • With handle sheathing for slip-resistant wearing
  • Lightweight material
  • High carrying capacity
  • For flat surfaces
  • Spare parts available

Technical Data

Type of vacuum generation Lever-Activated Suction Lifters
Load capacity 90 kg
Lifting direction parallel
Material of Suction Lifter plastic
Surface geometry flat
Suction pad ø 120 mm
Number of suction pads 3
Vacuum gauge no
GS certified no

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