Glass Handling Technology

Handling Technology

The large range of products found in this chapter reflects the diversity of transport requirements that need to be met in the day-to-day handling of glass. Lifting and transporting devices that have been specially developed for the glass trade make this work easier. Safe transportation of glass is a basic requirement for the user, whether for relatively simple manual lifters or sophisticated, electrically driven lifting systems.

The right application for any material

Due to the different raw materials used and the different shapes of the suction pads, the suction lifters have been optimized for use on different materials such as flat glass and sheets materials made of plastic, metal, marble or coated wood. We offer suitable suction pads for all gastight materials.

Pump - Activated Suction Lifters

Equipped with one suction pad only, pump activated suction lifters enable the manual transport of different materials with a load capacity of up to 120kg. The Vacuum is generated by engaging the pump tappet. The Vacuum level can be increased at all times, also while the load is attached.Moreover, due to it's position the pump tappet offers the possibility of visually monitoring the vacuum.Almost all 

Veribor® suction lifters have been granted the TÜV (German Technical Inspection Agency) as they all take measures against an unintended vacuum loss.

Lever - Activated Suction Lifters with Vacuum Indicator

What was so far only possible for pump-activated suction lifters is now also available for lever-activated suction lifters controlling a sufficient level of vacuum! In this way the user can recognize whether the suction lifter has been attached correctly or whether the protruding rocker indicates a loss of vacuum. 

Thanks to the safety function, the lever-activated suction lifters with vacuum indicator have been granted the TÜV certificate.