Manual Glass Cutting Tools

One of the first steps when processing glass is cutting large panes into smaller units. By scoring the glass surface, tensions in the glass are released and lead to the break when bending the pane in a controlled manner - either by hand or with a tool. Only when using a suitable tool is it guaranteed that the glass breaks precisely where desired. Products for cutting and breaking glass where stated in 1923.Since then brand names like Diamantor have gained a world- wide reputation. In this product range you will find one of the world's largest selections of products for cutting flat glass.

  • High quality and sturdy oil glass cutter. "Made in Germany" at affordable prices

  • Cutting head made of wear resistant materials guarantees double service life compared to well known competitor's products

  • Silberschnitt Toplife carbide cutting wheel with improved cutting characteristics

  • Optimized cut, improved edge quality