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Casement windows

Our 340 casement windows are very flexible & versatile product that can be designed & used in virtually any environment.The flexibility of the product allows for virtually any configuration that would suit our customer’s needs.

The McDoor Plus 340 casement windows supplied have passed the strict AAAMSA wind, deflection & water test required for the A3 rating.

  • Aluminium Casement windows are the most common and popular of window designs and can be used virtually in any environment. The Aluminium top hung windows are constructed using an outer frame and a hinged “sash”. The Sash projects outwards. In top hung window the hinge is on the top of the outer frame, allowing the bottom to swing out. The Window is secured by high quality steel friction stays.

  • Project top hung sashes on concealed friction stays, all sashes are fitted with draught seal to prevent water and air infiltration

    Window corners are mechanically crimped and sealed

    All windows come complete with fixing lugs, handles, stainless steel screws

    Available in Clear Glass, Safety glass where required by Glazing regulations

    Available in White, Bronze and Natural colour

    All windows are factory glazed to N part glazing regulations

     Windows available in a PT (1 vent) – PTT (2 vents) – P4TT (4 vents) configuration

    *Maximum sash size: width 600mm height 600mm. All dimensions indicated are normal opening sizes. Deduct 10mm for actual overall window size. Windows 1800mm and wider get 900mm vents.P4TT windows get 600mm wide events

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